After years of experience in medical translations we were encoureged to organize a course for professional translators who want to improve their knowledge in medical area of translation.

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Language courses for adults

Do you want to learn from highly qualified, experienced teachers who use up-to-date methodology, additional resources and technology?

Our courses for adults are specially created to improve learning and develop communication skills in speaking a foreign language.

If you are unable to attend classes always at the same time, we provide on-to-one courses when suits you.

Here you will gain confidence and finally start speaking!

Our courses are for those who want to learn a foreign language efefctively.

They are based on a communicative approach, up-to-date metodology created so that learning and teaching are easier. Vocauilary and grammar are given equal importance, the accent is on understanding in different social activities.

In Lexis we learn ina afun and creative way. Our groups are small, so that each student has our full attention. Atthe same time, we make wonderful friendships. All our students are like family.
Teachers are experienced, they love their job, and make you feel happy in the class. Gradually you will start feeling free to speak a foreign language. Continuity, persistance and repetion are the most important in learning. If you want to learn a foreign lanfuage join us and enjoy yourselves learning and making friendships!

Before the course students take a placement test so that they can be placed in a group that suits them.


Besides student's bookswe also use additional material to encourage students to use the language. In our classes you will have enough time to talk about different topics with your classmates and teachers.

At the end of the course students take a final test and get a certificate.

Classes are held twice a week, per 60 minutes in the morning and the afternoon.

GENERAL COURSES OF ENGLISH; GERMAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH – General courses are for theose who want to learn and improve communication to study, work or for every day use through all fourskills: speaking, understanding, reading and writing.Classes are held twice a week, per 60 minutes in the morning and the afternoon.

BUSINESS ENGLISH – Business English courses are for those who want to learn to use business English. The course is based on a communicative approach. We practice all four skills. Within the program, different topics are covered which help you manage at a business meeting or any other business talk or negotiations.

SPECIALIZED ENGLISH COURSES – This course offersstudents the opportunity to strengthen their language skills so they can get jobs that reflect their qualifications or function more effectively in jobs they currently have.Like in all other courses we practise all four skills, with a focus on expanding the vocablary and communicative approach. After the course students are able to talk about professional topics which enablesthem easier communication and understanding at work, as well as chance to get apromotion at work.

Courses last for eight months (half of September, October, November, December, half of January,half of February, March, April, May and half of June).

Levels: beginners, low-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced
Work in small groups, maximum number 7 students.
Monthly payment.
10% discount for two members of the same family.
15% discount for three or four members of the same family.
Special 20% discount for our neighbours, students from Studentski grad.

If you really want to learna foreign language and forever work out dillema you have, improve your knowledge and finally gain confdence to speak a foreign language, visit us today!!

Besides leraning, we nurture real values of friendship and nice behaviour!

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